How to Sort and Store Photos (pt. 6)
By jamie March 5, 2015

photos 6 feature

It’s Thursday which means it is time for another installment of How To Sort and Store Photos. Otherwise known as let’s watch Jamie try to figure out how to sort and store generations of photos, some black and white photos from so many years ago I can only hope all those people are actually family. If you need to catch >>>

How to Organize Recipes
By jamie March 4, 2015

recipes feature

How to Organize Recipes I still haven’t been able to curb by addiction to clipping recipes I never rarely prepare. I’ve been getting better- I now make at least one new recipe a week which I write about on Foodie Fridays. But I still have so many recipes to organize! Here is the pile of recipes that don’t fit in >>>

Toss It Tuesday: Sample and Travel Size Beauty Products
By jamie March 3, 2015

toss it tuesday samples

Time to toss all those single sizes and travel toiletries. I know the miniature bottles and sample sizes are CUTE, but CUTE = Can’t Use That Ever!  All those mini beauty products and cosmetics need a little attention. Today is Toss It Tuesday which means you either have to use it or lose it. Toss if: they are out of >>>

Best Paper Shredder for Home
By jamie March 2, 2015

to be shred stamp feature

Have you been searching for The Best Paper Shredder for Home? Me too. I’ve tried so many paper shredders only to have them jam or burn-out. Not many could handle a stack of paper and most were a pain to empty. I can’t tell you how many pieces of junk mail confetti I’ve had on my floor! So while I >>>

Holly Saturday
By jamie February 28, 2015

holly saturday

Foodie Friday: The Short Ribs Edition
By jamie February 27, 2015

social ribs

How to cook short ribs YUM! Welcome to Foodie Friday – that day of the week when I reach deep into my shoebox of clipped but never prepared recipes and I actually make one of those dishes. The winner this week: Short Ribs in Tomato Sauce by Ree the Pioneer Woman Thanks to Ree I finally know how to cook >>>

How to Sort and Store Photos (pt. 5)
By jamie February 26, 2015

photos part 5 feature

I’m feeling successful! Officially this is the 5th Thursday of sorting and storing photos which means I’ve kept up with it! I know setting myself up for success is a big part of the reason I’ve been able to stick with organizing my photographs. In case you missed how to sort and store photos parts 1-4 you can catch up >>>

Keep This Toss That
By jamie February 25, 2015


Now on bookstore shelves and online at IndieBound or Amazon and Barnes and Noble! Keep This Toss That Unclutter Your Life to Save Time, Money, Space, and Sanity a new book by yours truly. I am so excited to share this book with you! This is unlike any other organizing book out there (really) Keep This Toss That actually shows >>>

Toss It Tuesday: The Pen Cup Edition
By jamie February 24, 2015

pen cup feature

This week for Toss It Tuesday we’re focusing on the pen cup. Won’t it be nice to know every pen or marker you grab will actually write! Take a moment now to check the pens and toss those that don’t write and are not refillable. These Toss It Tuesday tips are based on the new book KEEP THIS TOSS THAT >>>

How to Organize Those Clippings and Paper Scraps
By jamie February 23, 2015


I have a secret to share, the secret of how I organize all those clippings and paper scraps – the ones I tear out of magazines – so I can reference them later. I’d often think “I don’t want to misplace it!” or “I’ve gotta remember that!” I figure no sense keeping them if I can’t find them later. But >>>