The Complete Clothes Closet Cleanout Cheatsheet
By jamie May 23, 2017

Ready to tackle your overflowing clothes closet? Give yourself a fresh start to a new season by clearing out the itchy, scratchy, non-flattering impulse purchases you feel guilty having spent money on! Click here to print your cheat sheet now. Or you can read it all below. First, let’s play a guessing game.     Without looking, how many of the following do you think you >>>

Avoid the Nothing to Wear Scenario
By jamie May 16, 2017

Have you ever open the door to your clothes closet and realized you have nothing to wear? Having nothing to wear is usually a result of owning too many clothes, not too few. You might not think so; but it’s true. When there are too many clothes crammed into a space it is practically impossible to coordinate an outfit you >>>

Follow Up Day
By jamie May 10, 2017

Happy Follow Up Day! Did you know there is a nutty fudge day, a chicken dance day, and a jumping frog day – so I declare today is Follow Up Day! Now…how should we celebrate? I vote for chocolate – of course. But also, how about we actually follow up on something? I don’t know about you but I have a list of >>>

Take the Fill-a-Bag TODAY Challenge
By jamie May 3, 2017

Do you like a challenge? If you said yes then today is your lucky day! I’ve got a challenge made just for you. Your mission: fill a bag with 10 items within 10 minutes by 10:00pm tonight! Yep that’s right, today, we are simply going to fill-a-bag. Simple – right? Well almost that simple, you knew there would be a catch. You >>>

3 Step To Do List Makeover
By jamie April 25, 2017

How organized is your to-do list? You make lists of what you want to de-clutter & organize – right? But how organized is your actual to-do list? Today we’re going to makeover your list and you’re going to get more done – seriously! Step 1 You have to know where your list is! Designate a single way/place to make your list. Scraps of paper, napkins, receipts and >>>

10 Tips for a Successful Yard Sale
By jamie April 18, 2017

Spring is in the air and that means cherry blossoms are blooming and yard sale signs are popping up on every street corner! If you have a box (or two) of things to sell and you want to host a yard sale then this list of hints is for you. If you are not planning a sale no problem you can >>>

Sell Your Stuf (a REVISED List)
By jamie April 11, 2017

Last week we talked about having a box of stuff to sell at a yard sale – but never actually having a yard sale. I complied a list of ways to sell stuff if you aren’t planning a yard sale. My list was good. But many of you sent me ideas for categories I did not cover on my original list. So this week I present >>>

Sell Your Stuff (a complete list)
By jamie April 4, 2017

If you have a box of stuff to sell at a yard sale – but you never have a yard sale – this email is for you! We talk a lot about donating items and that is a great way to share your stuff. But what if you want to sell the stuff? Here is a helpful list: Books at >>>

Getting Your Paperwork in Order
By jamie March 28, 2017

Do you have a to-do list with some projects that never seem to get done? Me too! I want to re-paint the bathroom but first I have to choose a color. So that will probably never happen. I want to re-read Pride and Prejudice but I have so many new books on my to-read pile. So that will probably never happen. And I want >>>

3 Steps to Solve that Paper Pile
By jamie March 21, 2017

Piles of paperwork can reach dangerously tall heights. They threaten to topple over or they begin to slide. Because you need to use the table or counter where they are located you need to keep moving them from flat surface to flat surface. It is tempting to leave the pile to deal with when you have more time. But we >>>