Sunday Tip: spices
By jamie January 25, 2015

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Reddish/brown spices like cinnamon, cumin, red pepper flakes and paprika are best stored in the fridge where they stay fresh longer. Spices do expire. Not sure about yours? Check out this guide.

Holly Saturday
By jamie January 24, 2015

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Happy Saturday!

Food Friday: Horseradish Dip
By jamie January 23, 2015

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It’s that day again. That one day of the week when I prepare a recipe from my shoebox of ‘clipped out but never prepared’ recipes. Last week I roasted parsnips and they were yummy. This week I went with roasting more veggies and adding what I hoped would be a delicious dipping sauce. Here is the story of how I >>>

Test It Out Thursday: Photograph Scanner
By jamie January 22, 2015

how to organize photos

Now that the madness of the holidays has past I find myself ready to take on a project that has been on my mind for years. Any guesses? If you guessed photographs then you are correct! I have boxes of photos I have bags of photos I have tubs of photos I have albums of photos I have photos in >>>

How to Deal with I Should Keep This For Something Clutter
By jamie January 21, 2015

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The one question you need to ask yourself to help you decide if the item is a keeper or not so much. Get ready to write this one down. So what question do you ask yourself to distinguish the keepers from the non-keepers? Let me know in the comments below. I read and reply to every comment personally.

Toss It Tuesday: The Teddy Bear Edition
By jamie January 20, 2015

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While dusting a shelf in the living room today I came across this fluffy teddy bear. I like teddy bears in general but especially ones with white, sparkly fur – somehow they seem more unique or rare or something. I remember this one arriving to my house with a box of chocolates one Valentine’s Day. Then I was gifted her >>>

Foodie Friday: Oven Roasted Parsnips
By jamie January 16, 2015

foodie friday oven roasted parsnips

Foodie Friday is that one day of the week when I actually prepare one of the recipes I’ve clipped then abandoned in a shoe box on my kitchen cabinet shelf. Side note: If I invite you over for dinner make sure it is not on a Friday since you never know how good the dish I’m making will turn out. >>>

Test It Out Thursday: All I Wanted Was a Slice of Pizza
By jamie January 15, 2015

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It all started when I wanted a slice of pizza…I pulled the frozen pizza out of the freezer and things quickly went downhill from there. Once cooked to cut the pizza I’d need the pizza wheel- which was somewhere in this scary kitchen drawer. Seriously, where did all this stuff come from? Since I had to wait for the oven >>>

Please Use the Gifts!
By jamie January 12, 2015


I was tempted to open and start using this beautiful Ahava limited edition lotion set, which I received as a holiday gift, but the word ‘limited’ stopped me. Being limited means I might be not able replace them once they are gone. Will there be a new limited version? Probably. But what if I didn’t like them as much? So >>>

Foodie Friday: Is There a Such Thing as Leftover Wine?
By jamie January 9, 2015

leftover wine

Let me start off by saying spotting leftover wine might be like spotting a unicorn. But if there is such a thing you can use this tip to store it for easy use in the future: You’ll need a clean ice cube tray or other smallish container you can use to freeze the wine and/or herbs. A sandwich size zip >>>